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Government Employment

There are special laws that apply to government workers in Pennsylvania. In some cases, these laws offer more protection, in other cases, they put state employees at more risk. In all cases, you want an experienced employment lawyer protecting your rights. At Clark & Krevsky, we handle government employment disputes under the jurisdiction of the State Civil Service Commission. Protecting employees at the state, county, and municipal level, we understand the rights of Pennsylvania civil servants.

Pennsylvania public employees have the right to select an exclusive union representative for collective bargaining purposes. A union so selected and the employer must then meet in good faith to attempt to reach agreements on wages and terms and conditions of employment. The agreements may include provisions on a variety of topics, including limits on the employer's right to discipline employees. The agreement is usually subject to a requirement that contract disputes be resolved though the appointment of a neutral decision-maker, called a labor arbitrator.

Furthermore, many government employees are deemed classified employees who fall under the protection of the State Civil Service Commission. The Commission provides a forum where classified employees may challenge specific personnel actions or act of discrimination subject to rights of due process.

Unlike many employees in the private sector, employees in classified service can only be removed from their jobs for good cause, as determined by the State Civil Service Commission. Good cause includes alleged poor alleged poor job performance or misconduct, and common challenges include dismissals or demotions based on the following:

  • Alleged leave usage violations
  • Alleged poor performance
  • Alleged workplace misconduct

We protect the rights of government employees involved in all types of government employment law disputes. We understand how Pennsylvania law works and we understand how to protect your rights. Call 717-303-3764 or contact us online today for more information.