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Wrongful Termination

Most employees are subject to the doctrine of at-will employment, in which the employer or the employee may end employment with no notice to the other. Wrongful discharge only applies to a small number of cases that meet certain narrowly-tailored exceptions to the doctrine of at-will employment. If you are involved in any type of dispute over wrongful termination, you want an experienced lawyer protecting your rights. At Clark & Krevsky, we handle wrongful termination cases for individuals throughout Pennsylvania. We will take a look at you case and help you determine your rights and options.

Many people believe that if they were fired for something they did not do, they have been the victim of wrongful termination. While most often this is not an instance of wrongful termination, you may want to speak with a lawyer to make sure your employer didn't violate your rights.

We will conduct a thorough investigation into your claim in order to figure out what happened. For example, if the company fired you for violating a policy, you may not have a wrongful termination claim. However, if we discover that you had co-workers who kept their jobs after violating the same policy, you maybe looking at a discrimination claim.

Technically, this is considered illegal discharge, and with enough evidence, you may have a claim for wrongful termination on the basis of sex, age, race, disability, national origin or another protected status.

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination is when an employer fires an employee out of improper or illegal motivations. For instance, an employer cannot require you to perform an illegal act and the cannot interfere with your obligation to perform a legal duty. Examples of wrongful termination include:

All non-contracted employees are employed at will. While employers have the right to hire and fire employees at will, they cannot terminate an employee based on anything that violates the public policy of the state of Pennsylvania.

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Wrongful termination claims can be complicated, and allegations often lead to subsequent claims. We can help you understand your rights, your options, and the challenges ahead. Located in Harrisburg our offices are inside the Capital Beltway and offer free parking. Call 717-303-3764 or contact us online today.