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Put a stop to sexual harassment at work

Every employee deserves to work in a place that is free from harassment of all forms. When a person is being sexually harassed, putting a stop to that behavior becomes a top priority.

Employers have a duty to keep employees protected from sexual harassment. They must start with having clear rules in place to prevent this type of behavior and set harsh penalties for proven incidents. There must be clear steps for how these situations will be handled.

Workers who are the victims of sexual harassment, which doesn't even have to include physical contact, must tell a supervisor. Companies will usually have guidelines about which supervisors can take these complaints, but there must be some leeway that allows workers to file a complaint with the person they feel most comfortable with.

In a workforce that is male dominated, it is imperative that women have someone they can turn to with complaints of this nature. Women might not feel comfortable having to speak to a male supervisor with these claims, especially if the incident was intimate in nature.

Once the complaint about sexual harassment is made, the company needs to take steps to protect the worker who was harassed as well as the company's assets. This takes a fine balancing act because employers can't just fire the alleged harasser right away; instead, they need to find a way to move the victim from the person who harassed them while the complaint is investigated.

When workers' complaints about sexual harassment aren't taken seriously, the worker might decide to take legal action to stop the harassment, prevent future harassment and address the lack of proper protocol in the workplace.

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