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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

Report: IBM job cuts may be related to age discrimination

Many older employees in Pennsylvania and across the country may be concerned about the potential impact of age discrimination on their job search. These concerns may be well-founded in many cases. In a report published by Mother Jones and ProPublica in March 2018, journalists revealed that employees aged 40 and up at IBM had been subject to firings, layoffs and rushed retirement according to leaked documents and personal employee testimony. The report said that 60 percent of IBM job cuts in the U.S. over the past five years involved workers aged 40 and up.

Target offers settlement in discrimination case

Some Latino or black Pennsylvania residents who were denied jobs with Target since May 11, 2006, after a background check turned up a criminal conviction might be eligible for a payout or to apply for a job with the retailer with priority consideration. This was the settlement Target agreed to after a class action lawsuit was filed against the company on April 5. Target made the settlement offer, which must be approved by the court, on the same day.

NFL cheerleader claims discrimination

A professional cheerleader has filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging discrimination by the New Orleans Saints and the National Football League (NFL). Some Pennsylvania residents may be surprised to learn the manner in which at least one pro football organization enforces workplace rules.

Flight attendants file discrimination lawsuit against Delta

Pennsylvania residents might be interested to learn that four flight attendants have filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines, alleging that the airline engages in anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic behavior. The plaintiffs state that the airline has a pattern of intentional discrimination against both employees and passengers who are Jewish. Two of the flight attendants are described as having an ethnic background that is Jewish/Hebrew/Israeli while the other two say they were disciplined because of their associations with others of that background.

Discrimination still common in American workplaces

According to an analysis of data provided by the Pew Research Center, 42 percent of women who work in the U.S. say they have faced gender discrimination on the job. Pennsylvania readers may be aware of the large number of sexual misconduct allegations that arose during the latter part of 2017 in the entertainment industry, politics and other arenas. The Pew survey was conducted earlier in the year and found that women were nearly twice as likely as men to say they have experienced gender discrimination at work.

Disability discrimination affects employees, employers

Some Pennsylvania employees who have disabilities may be facing discrimination in the workplace. According to a study conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation of white-collar, college-educated, full-time employees, almost one-third of workers have a disability under the expanded federal definition. However, few identify themselves as such to their employers. For almost two-thirds of them, the disability is invisible.

Black and Latinos face significant hiring discrimination

A recent analysis of multiple studies across 25 years indicates what some Black and Latino people in Pennsylvania might already know: Job opportunities can be hard to find for minorities. Researchers from multiple universities reviewed 28 studies dating as far back as 1989. Studies about callbacks from job applications consistently produced a bias in favored of white people. Black job applicants heard back from potential employers at a rate 36 percent lower than white applicants. Latinos fared a little better with a callback rate only 24 percent lower than whites.

How to deal with workers in the DACA program

Pennsylvania employers may know about DACA and the protection that it offers to roughly 800,000 younger undocumented immigrants in the United States. However, that program may end if Congress does nothing to extend or otherwise alter the program. Employers who have workers covered by DACA may be tempted to terminate them or otherwise ask about their immigration status. However, this may be seen as illegal discrimination.

What to know about the gender pay gap

Equal Pay Day for the typical woman employee in Pennsylvania is April 4. What this means is that it takes a woman until that date to make the same amount that a man made in the previous year. For a woman of color, that doesn't take place until July 31. In some cases, women of all colors are paid less than men who have less experience and training.