Harrisburg Employment Law Attorneys

In every work environment, both employees and employers have rights and responsibilities. However, fully exercising those rights and understanding those responsibilities will often require the guidance of a skilled employment law attorney.

Effective Legal Solutions For Pennsylvania Employers And Employees

At Krevsky Bowser, our lawyers represent Pennsylvania employees and employers in a range of legal matters. Attorneys Solomon Krevsky, Anthony Bowser, and Frank Clark have focused exclusively on this practice area for more than 75 combined years. Together, there are almost no types of employment law issues they have not successfully addressed.

Due to our experience on both sides of employment law, we understand workplace issues from all angles. We know that each case requires diplomacy, so our lawyers work to build trust between the parties. Our goal is to facilitate solutions that employers and employees can live with.

About our services:

  • Employment law for Pennsylvania employees: Our legal team represents employees in a range of employment law disputes, ranging from workplace discrimination and harassment to retaliation and wrongful termination claims. We also assist executives in the review of employment law contracts.
  • Employment law for Pennsylvania employers: We are equipped to address your company's ongoing employment law needs, including consulting and policy review, employment contracts and defense against employee lawsuits.

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Our attorneys have a strong command of laws and regulations that affect employees and employers in Pennsylvania. They are also highly experienced working with state and federal agencies on behalf of our clients, including the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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