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A Trusted Firm For Gender Discrimination Claims

A female executive is passed up on a promotion in favor of a less-qualified male counterpart. A female worker discovers that a man doing the same job at her company is being paid significantly more than she is. A male elementary school teacher is denied a teaching position in favor of a less-experienced female teacher. These are all instances of gender discrimination in the workplace, and they are all illegal.

Were You The Victim Of Gender Or Sex Discrimination?

In the eyes of the law, men and women are entitled to fair and equal treatment in the workplace. However, many employers still fail to uphold these standards. If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace due to your gender, there are steps you can take to protect your legal rights.

Witnesses and documentation are key in proving gender discrimination cases. Maybe you or a co-worker heard a supervisor speak negatively about your gender. If so, it is important to document these instances. Keep written notes, save emails and contact a lawyer for immediate legal guidance.

Experience That Gets Results

At Krevsky Bowser, our attorneys have been resolving complex employment law issues for more than 75 collective years. Having represented both employees and employers, we understand gender discrimination matters from all angles. Our lawyers use this knowledge to benefit our clients as we proceed in their legal matters.

As a victimized employee, we understand it can be difficult for you to face legal issues involving your employer, especially if you are still employed at the company. However, without individuals stepping forward and fighting these injustices, gender discrimination will continue to be a problem. Let us help you advance your legal claim and find the resolution you deserve.

Contact Our Pennsylvania Law Firm

Take the first step and contact our Harrisburg gender discrimination attorneys to discuss your case. We can be reached at 717-303-3764 or via our online inquiry form.