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Before You Sign The Employment Contract, Protect Your Interests

There are many employment lawyers throughout Pennsylvania who offer help with general employment contracts. However, not all of them are qualified to review and negotiate contracts for medical professionals. This is because the medical field is a very niche industry. Doctors and health care professionals face unique employment issues that are not found in the boardroom.

If you are a medical professional and your employer has asked you to sign a contract, it is important to get the right law firm on your side. You need an attorney who has specific knowledge of your industry and one that has previous experience reviewing and negotiating medical employment contracts.

Employment Law Representation For Doctors

At Krevsky Bowser, we are those lawyers. We have been practicing employment law for more than 75 combined years. Our attorneys have experience reviewing employment contracts for doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, dentists and a range of additional medical personnel.

Our legal team will protect your rights as we review the employment contract and suggest changes. As your counsel, key items we look for include the number of patients you are required to see in a given time period, work hours, vacation, paid time off, salary structure and a range of additional benefits. If you receive push back from your employer, we are fully prepared to negotiate on your behalf. Oftentimes, having a qualified lawyer in your corner can result in a better employment contract.

Contact Our Harrisburg Employment Law Firm

Without having a lawyer review your contract, you could unknowingly be committing yourself to unfavorable working conditions or a workload that you cannot complete. Protect yourself and your career; contact our Harrisburg lawyers at 717-303-3764.