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Safely Report Crime At Work With Legal Help

If you discover your employer has engaged in illegal activity, it can be difficult to know what to do. If you report the crime, you could risk backlash from your employer. However, doing nothing doesn’t feel right either. No one wants to find him or herself in this position, but if you do, it is best to seek legal advice immediately.

Protect Yourself After Reporting Illegal Activity In The Workplace

At Krevsky Bowser, we help protect employees who are ready to blow the whistle on their employer. We also help obtain justice for those who have faced retaliation at work due to reporting the illegal activities of their employer. Whistleblower cases can be extremely complex and require the highest level of legal skill. Our lawyers focus exclusively on employment law matters and have helped hundreds of employees find solutions to their difficult legal problems, including whistleblower matters.

The Federal False Claims Act And Qui Tam

In Pennsylvania, the majority of whistleblowing cases involve the “qui tam” provision of the Federal False Claims Act. This provision allows citizens to file legal actions on behalf of the government to help it recover money lost to fraud.

This means if your employer is engaged in illegal activity that defrauds the federal government, you may “blow the whistle” on your employer. In return, if the case is successful, you would be entitled to a portion of the recovered damages.

Contact Our Law Firm

If you are unsure of your position and your legal rights, let our attorneys assess your circumstances and offer guidance on how to move forward in your whistleblower claims. Contact our Harrisburg whistleblower attorneys today at 717-303-3764 to learn more.