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Secure The Payment You Earned With Our Help

Every employee wants to be compensated fairly. When disputes arise, an experienced lawyer can help you reach a fair resolution. At Krevsky Bowser, we handle wage and hour disputes for individuals throughout Pennsylvania.

There are a variety of disputes involving wage and hour concerns. While many of these claims are simply a matter of collection or overtime laws, they often fall under the discrimination framework as well. As a full-service employment law firm, we handle wage and hour disputes involving discrimination claims. From the Equal Pay Act claims to age and race discrimination allegations, we can help with a wide range of cases.

Overtime Disputes

If a nonexempt employee works over 40 hours in a week, the employee is entitled to wages at one and half times his or her normal hourly rate for hours worked over 40.

There are classifications of employees who are exempt from certain wage and hour laws, and therefore are not entitled to overtime pay, but the laws governing these exemptions are based on specific facts and circumstances of the job of the employee(s) in question. It is important to speak to an experienced employment law attorney to find out if you fall within one of these classifications. We will take a look at your particular situation, and help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Salary And Wage Disputes

The Wage Payment and Collection Law allows employees to collect money they are owed for work they have done, as well as a 25% penalty on unpaid wages more than 30 days overdue, and attorney fees and costs. The law also applies to fringe benefits and wage supplements, such as vacation pay, severance pay and health insurance. We can take a look at your case and make sure you get all wages and benefits to which you are entitled.

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