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We Help Employers Navigate Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual harassment is one of the most common lawsuits filed by employees in Pennsylvania. In many cases, proper policies and supervisor training could have prevented these disputes in the first place or stopped them from escalating into full-blown litigation.

As an employer, it is highly encouraged that you work with an employment law firm to establish safeguards against sexual harassment. Not only will it protect your employees, but it will also protect the best interests of your company.

Sexual Harassment At Work: Legal Advice And Protection For Employers

At Krevsky Bowser, our attorneys have been advising employers for more than 75 combined years. We focus solely on employment law and have a complete understanding of state and federal labor laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

We can help your business:

  • Create sexual harassment policies
  • Review previously established sexual harassment policies
  • Provide sexual harassment training for supervisors, human resources and employees
  • Conduct sexual harassment investigations
  • Defend against a sexual harassment claim or lawsuit

In the event an employee does bring a sexual harassment claim against your company, proving that you have established sexual harassment policies greatly strengthens your defense. Furthermore, involving our law firm early in the dispute can often give your business a better chance of settling the matter before an official lawsuit is filed.

Contact Our Harrisburg Sexual Harassment Policy Attorneys

For further information about sexual harassment training and workshops or lawsuit defense, contact our law firm at 717-303-3764. Our lawyers are ready to help.