Our attorneys have earned a trusted reputation for protecting the rights of employees and employers throughout Pennsylvania.
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Proactive, Creative Employment Counsel For Business Owners And HR Managers

As an employer in Pennsylvania, the success of your company lies in part with the workers you employ. And well-protected workers build successful businesses. If you want your company to succeed, you want to make smart employment law decisions. The first step starts by finding the right employment law firm.

Protecting Your Employees Will Protect Your Company

At Krevsky Bowser, we provide employment law counsel for employers throughout Pennsylvania. From small family-run businesses to major corporations, we can help you develop proactive policies and create employee handbooks that protect your workers and grow your business. Our attorneys only focus on employment law and have been doing so for more than 75 combined years. We have the experience, knowledge and skill to help employers make the best possible decisions for themselves and their workforce.

We offer counsel, services and HR consulting on a range of employment law issues, including:

Our lawyers have helped hundreds of employers establish policies over the course of our careers. We have also led numerous workshops and training sessions on important topics in employment law. Regardless of your company’s specific needs, we will help ensure both you and your employees are protected.

Contact Our Harrisburg HR Consulting Employment Lawyers

For help with your employment policies or an internal investigation, contact our attorneys at 717-303-3764 today.