Our attorneys have earned a trusted reputation for protecting the rights of employees and employers throughout Pennsylvania.
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Leverage Our Extensive Legal Experience For Your Company

Protecting your employees and your company is a multifaceted process. Establishing proper policies is the first step. However, once those policies are created, it is also important to train your company’s leadership and HR department on its responsibilities. It is also highly encouraged to educate your entire workforce on their rights against harassment and discrimination at work.

Legal Workshops On Sexual Harassment And Discrimination In The Workplace

Legal workshops can be a great way to show your staff that you care about their safety and well-being. But it is also a proactive strategy to ward off illegal workplace activity, and it can protect your company from a lawsuit if an employee claim does arise.

At Krevsky Bowser, we offer training on a variety of employment law topics, including sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Our attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience in employment law and have given a significant number of workshops to Pennsylvania employers over the course of their careers.

Many clients hire us to educate their company’s supervisors or HR personnel, while other employers ask us to speak to all employees regarding their legal rights and responsibilities at work. As your counsel, we will customize the training to meet the needs of your specific company.

Harrisburg Employment Training And Workshops

Don’t wait until after an employee lawsuit to train your workforce on harassment and discrimination issues. Take a proactive step to protect your company now and into the future.

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