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Entrust Internal Investigations To Our Legal Professionals

When an employee comes forward with a claim of discrimination, harassment or any other workplace violation, it is important for employers to respond appropriately. Conducting a proper and thorough investigation not only shows your employees that you care about their welfare but also is legally required and can help to prevent litigation in the future.

Even with established guidelines in place for how to conduct a workplace investigation, it is still important to consult with an employment law attorney. Employment laws are complex, and one wrong step in the investigation could put your company at risk for an employee lawsuit or government sanctions.

Regulation Compliance For Workplace Investigations

Employers in Harrisburg and throughout Pennsylvania have relied on the attorneys at Krevsky Bowser for many years. We only focus on employment law, and together our lawyers have more than 75 years of combined experience. Our team has advised and guided numerous employers through the investigative process, and has helped secure favorable results for all involved parties.

As your legal counsel, we will assess the employee claim and provide your company with a detailed investigation plan. As new information is discovered, we are on hand to advise and adjust legal recommendations based on what is learned. Throughout the process, we will ensure that your investigation complies with all state and federal regulations.

Contact Our Harrisburg Lawyers For Workplace Investigations

Protect your company and your employees. Contact our law firm at 717-303-3764 to learn more about your legal responsibilities when conducting workplace investigations.