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Draft A Fair And Compliant Employee Handbook

Employers can take many proactive steps to safeguard their companies from employee lawsuits; however, the foundation of litigation avoidance is a comprehensive employee handbook. These handbooks outline a range of policies and procedures for the entire workforce, and inform employees of their legal rights and responsibilities. Furthermore, in the event of an employee lawsuit, having established policies will provide much-needed support for your company’s defense.

Employee Policies In Pennsylvania

An employee handbook is often only as strong as the legal team who created it. Therefore, it is important to work with experienced employment law attorneys who have significant experience in creating these documents.

At Krevsky Bowser, our attorneys have been drafting and reviewing employee handbooks for more than 75 combined years. We always remain current on new legislation to ensure our clients understand the most up-to-date policy requirements regarding:

  • Vacation days
  • Sick leave
  • Bereavement time
  • Overtime policies
  • Work hours
  • Contractor versus employee
  • A range of additional employee-related issues

Our law firm recognizes that each business is different, and has unique needs when it comes to policies and employee handbooks. We will take the time to understand your company, its structure, the employees and your objectives before creating custom policies for your organization. For employers who already have an established employee handbook, we also recommend a regular review of the policies to ensure compliance with any new laws or regulations. After review, our lawyers will incorporate necessary modifications.

Contact Our Harrisburg Employee Handbook Attorneys

Establishing employee policies shows your employees that you care about their welfare, it helps them understand their rights and responsibilities, and it can protect your company now and in the future. To learn more about our employee handbook services, please contact our law firm at 717-303-3764.