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February 2016 Archives

Employee protections under the NLRB

Pennsylvania residents may have seen the open letter from a Yelp employee posted online regarding the company's pay, training and other practices that was followed by the employee's termination. It is not entirely clear whether the employee's actions are protected or if she might be able to mount a valid suit against Yelp for firing her.

EEOC data shows discrimination was still a big problem in 2015

For anyone who doubts that workplace discrimination is still a problem in the United States, the proof is in the data. During fiscal year 2015, some 89,385 complaints were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The number of discrimination claims is even higher if you consider those filed with state agencies.

Sexual harassment and company policies against dating colleagues

Love and romance often bloom in unlikely places. And whether or not HR professionals want to admit it, relationships frequently start in the office. According to a Google Consumer Survey of adults ages 18 to 34, nearly 18 percent of married respondents said they had met their spouse at work.

How one U.S. lawmaker is looking to combat sexual harassment in academia

Most of us would like to think that academia is somehow more immune than other employment sectors to sexual harassment. However, recent reports have suggested this is not the case. Indeed, the last six months have seen several stories outlining rampant sexual harassment within the science departments of several major universities, with students falling victim to the predatory practices of their professors.  

How does inclement weather affect employee pay?

Just a few weeks ago, much of the East Coast was all but shut down thanks to a massive winter storm. Indeed, while we would like to imagine that this was a meteorological anomaly or that warmer days are just around the corner, the reality is that we are still in the middle of winter and still vulnerable to major weather events.