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August 2017 Archives

Court upholds employee's claim of retaliation

When an employee in Pennsylvania files a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the employer has a legal obligation not to retaliate against the employee. A federal trial judge overseeing a case that involved a worker at a nuclear power station has agreed that the person suffered from retaliation after the employer informed other workers about the EEOC investigation.

Discrimination reported by women who worked at Google

Some women in Pennsylvania who work in technical careers may have followed the story of the Google employee who was fired for releasing a document saying that women inherently had less ability to work in tech. Several women who used to work for Google have since come forward to report facing discrimination at the company. They also say that they felt their long-term prospects for a career there were poor. Racism and ageism were issues along with sexism.

What to know about the gender pay gap

Equal Pay Day for the typical woman employee in Pennsylvania is April 4. What this means is that it takes a woman until that date to make the same amount that a man made in the previous year. For a woman of color, that doesn't take place until July 31. In some cases, women of all colors are paid less than men who have less experience and training.

Workers report age discrimination in tech industry

Older Pennsylvania tech workers may face discrimination at work. The AARP conducted a survey in 2013 that found two-thirds of workers in that industry said they had experienced or seen age discrimination on the job. One recruitment platform found that tech workers 45 and older face limited opportunities in the workplace.