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February 2019 Archives

Federal noncompete bill introduced

A noncompetition agreement can prevent a person from seeking more lucrative and satisfying employment. However, these consequential clauses may have been contained on one form or box that was checked without meaningful review when employment contracts were signed. A federal bill may help some workers but has serious drawbacks.

Getting a severance agreement after layoffs

Employees subject to lay-offs and other terminations are dealing with a multitude of emotions and insecurity while promptly clearing out their desk. During this stressful event, and even earlier in companies that are restructuring or engaged in layoffs, employees should consider the contents of severance agreements.

Employers may cash in on side hustle

Employees may use their free time to seek profit from their interests or hobbies by writing a book, developing a new video game or making pottery or jewelry. Social media and the internet almost limitlessly expand the opportunity to market these side hustles and performing other outside work such as blog writing. Employees need to carefully review existing employment contracts and negotiate updated agreements to deal with these activities.