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December 2018 Archives

Negotiating contracts for medical professionals

Negotiations may determine the professional and, in many ways, the personal lives of medical professionals for many years. For this reason, preparation is required before negotiating employment contracts for medical professionals.

Contracts can restrict medical practice

Physicians do not have to perform certain procedures that conflict with their religious beliefs under federal conscience protection rules enacted over 40 years ago. Religious hospitals may also have contracts restricting doctors, for example, from engaging in birth control practices at the hospitals. These employment contracts for medical professionals may also prohibit them from performing certain procedures in other practices.

5 things to consider before signing a severance agreement

When you finished your residency and started practice in Hershey, you thought you had found the perfect hospital. As your practice developed, though, you began to look for different employment opportunities that better fit your interests. Now that you have found a new position, your current hospital administrator may want you to sign a severance agreement.