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June 2018 Archives

Supreme Court rules on employment contracts

Employers have used employment contracts to limit employee rights. In a close 5-4 decision last month, the U.S. Supreme Court approved one of these restrictions by ruling that class action waivers in these contacts are valid and enforceable. In other words, employees may waive their right to participate in class action lawsuits against their employers and must take their work-related disputes to arbitration as individuals.

Negotiating a good severance package

Labor laws usually do not require any severance package or severance agreements for employees. Those who are terminated for cause or at-will or low-level employees have less opportunities for receiving severance. There are several recommendations for negotiating a better agreement, according to the AARP.

What should be included in medical employment contracts

Applicants for employment at a hospital, health system or medical group should do research before negotiating employment contracts for medical professionals. These agreements should contain basic but important terms.

Representing professionals in negotiating severance agreements

A previous post on this blog talked about how, in the professional world, severance agreements are becoming more and more common when a professional employee, like a doctor, business executive, accountant or other professional, leaves his or her place of employment.