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September 2016 Archives

EEOC guidance may help Pennsylvania workers

In 1998, 24 percent of claims handled by the EEOC were related to workplace retaliation. In 2015, that grew to 45 percent, which made it the most common type of complaint brought to the EEOC. Retaliation is defined as an employer taking a materially adverse action against an employee after engaging in a protected activity. However, those terms may be applied in a relatively broad manner.

Court says that banning dreadlocks is not racial discrimination

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit against a company that rescinded an offer of employment to a woman because she would not cut her dreadlocks. In the unanimous decision, the federal court ruled that prohibiting an employee from wearing dreadlocks does not qualify as racial discrimination. This decision could have implications for future discrimination claims in Pennsylvania.

Older job seekers may experience age discrimination

There are many older adults in Pennsylvania who want to work but cannot find a job. Due to widespread age discrimination in employment, people over the age of 55 can have a much harder time finding a new job than younger job applicants. When they give up on their job search, they may end up tapping into their retirement savings a lot earlier than they had planned.