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July 2018 Archives

Employers may expect confidentiality

Non-disclosure agreements about allegedly torrid events have been in the news very recently. These agreements, also known as confidentiality and invention assignment agreements, are standard parts of employment contracts. The terms of these agreements are intended to stop employees from sharing confidential information about the business, work product and other business information, even if they leave their employer.

Escaping an employment contract

Not all employment contracts for medical professionals are ironclad. Healthcare workers may be released from these contracts under certain circumstances. First, employment contracts usually have terms that allow for their termination. These clauses usually allow an employer or employee to end their agreements for cause.

Pennsylvania Attorney General questions no poach agreements

No competition clauses are not limited to employment contracts for lucrative occupations. Lately, fast food workers and franchisees have confronted contracts that limit a worker's ability to seek better employment. The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and attorney generals from other states have sent letters to franchises seeking information and documents concerning these no-poach agreements.

3 provisions that a severance package should include

There are few situations so stressful as facing unemployment. Whether you have been at your current job for 10 months or 10 years, it is difficult to learn that you will no longer have the position at your company. In such circumstances, your employer may offer you a severance package. Companies often do this to provide for departing employees, and more importantly, to avoid liability.

Tips on getting the best severance agreement

Employers may offer severance agreements to smooth the departure for terminated employees. In return for certain benefits, however, the soon-to-be former employers want important concessions. Employees can increase their bargaining power by taking certain actions to help assure a softer financial landing after a job loss.