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February 2017 Archives

An overview of pregnancy discrimination

It may be difficult for pregnant workers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to know if their workplace rights are being violated. Considering the current nationwide debate over reproductive rights, the issue of discrimination could be even more confusing for some. In fact, a bill in South Dakota intended to mandate reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees was recently voted down.

Manager may have violated FMLA by sharing medical information

Pennsylvania employees may be interested in an out-of-state case that involves medical privacy and retaliation for taking medical leave. A Florida court says that an employee can proceed with his claim against his employer because his co-workers were told about his medical condition, and that could constitute interference with his medical leave or a retaliatory act for taking it.

Most frequent employment discrimination charges

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that it resolved 97,443 employment discrimination charges in its 2016 fiscal year. The agency also collected over $482 million for discrimination victims who worked in the private sector or in local, state or federal government workplaces in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country.