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September 2018 Archives

Non-compete agreements and health professionals

Non-compete agreements have become more widely used in health care and other professions. Special attention should apply to the terms of these agreements when negotiating employment contracts for medical professionals.

CBS CEO severance package instructive

CBS CEO Les Moonves resigned on Sept. 9 after numerous sexual harassment allegations. Despite these serious charges, he may leave the network with a $120 million severance package. It is reported that CBS will donate $20 million of his financial settlement to organizations that support the #MeToo movement. His departure also provides important lessons about the importance of severance agreements.

Are you facing retaliation in the workplace

Oftentimes, employees dealing with an unpleasant work situation have the choice of putting up with it or finding another job. The law typically does not protect workers from an employer's rudeness, negativity or even unfairness. However, there are situations where the law does protect employees from certain types of actions.