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January 2019 Archives

Things to know about noncompete and nondisclosure agreements

Noncompetition and nondisclosure agreements are becoming more prevalent in many businesses and professions. Potential or current employees should pause and carefully consider these clauses when they are offered in an employment contract or at another time.

Getting around forced arbitration

For almost 20 years, forced arbitration agreements have been buried in legal verbiage in employment agreements requiring employees to submit to binding arbitration for disputes and taking away their rights to go to court. Despite many court cases upholding arbitration agreements, there are still many ways to contest these clauses in employment contracts.

Fine print of employment contracts for health professionals

An employment agreement can have long-term consequences for health care professionals. Despite their importance, it is important to read between the lines and understand important terms when negotiating employment contracts for medical professionals.

Important parts of a severance agreement

Receiving notice of a job termination and packing up and leaving a workplace for the last time provides little time to consider and review a severance package, especially under emotional duress. Some important matters, however, should be carefully considered when reviewing severance agreements.