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November 2017 Archives

Democrats and Republicans unite to combat sexual harassment

Pennsylvania residents are likely aware that lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle have been accused of engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior in recent weeks. Republican Roy Moore's chances of filling the vacant Alabama Senate seat were damaged when several women stepped forward to say that the former state judge had propositioned them sexually when they were teenagers, and there have been calls for Democrat Al Franken to resign in the wake of groping allegations leveled by four women.

Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace

Employees in Pennsylvania who face sexual harassment on the job might wonder what their options are. Some companies might only have one avenue for reporting harassment. This could become a problem if the harasser is a manager or someone involved in HR. Some employees may go to an attorney or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but others may hesitate to do so because they worry about how it will affect their job.

Reporting harassment at work

Employees are protected by both federal and state laws in Pennsylvania from harassment at work. The first step an employee should take if they are harassed at work is to report the harassment to the human resources department. Many employers have a policy manual or hotline on their company website for reporting harassment.