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December 2017 Archives

All parents may be eligible for FMLA leave

Mothers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere may be entitled to take FMLA leave during a pregnancy or after giving birth. However, fathers are also generally entitled to take the same unpaid leave to care for a newborn child or the child's mother. Eligible fathers may take FMLA leave even if the mother also takes leave. Those who work for covered employers are eligible for such time off.

Discrimination still common in American workplaces

According to an analysis of data provided by the Pew Research Center, 42 percent of women who work in the U.S. say they have faced gender discrimination on the job. Pennsylvania readers may be aware of the large number of sexual misconduct allegations that arose during the latter part of 2017 in the entertainment industry, politics and other arenas. The Pew survey was conducted earlier in the year and found that women were nearly twice as likely as men to say they have experienced gender discrimination at work.

Study proposed to examine long commute times for truckers

Commercial truck drivers in Pennsylvania spend many hours on the road, and all of them aren't necessarily actual work hours. Many truckers have long commutes from home to work, and this issue is about to be examined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The agency is now taking comments on a proposed survey of excessive commuting for drivers and the role long commutes play in their safety.

Proposed rule would allow tip pools

A regulation that protected tipped workers in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. may soon be modified. The Obama-era rule prohibited restaurants, bars and hotels from requiring tipped employees to pool their tips with non-tipped workers. A newly proposed regulation from the Trump Administration would allow restaurants to require tipped employees to participate in pools with back-of-the-house employees.