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March 2019 Archives

What qualifies as leave under FMLA?

When a personal situation arises that is outside your control, your entire world may come to a screeching halt. No matter what the circumstances, sometimes life makes it impossible to go about your business as usual.

Non-compete clauses can be problematic

Non-compete clauses are being used more in employment agreements. Employment contracts for medical professionals containing these terms, also known as restrictive covenants, may been damaging to patients and pose legal problems for medical practices.

Should an employee sign a severance agreement?

When an employee is terminated, an employer may offer a severance agreement that sets forth pay and benefits in return for a worker surrendering something, such as the right to sue. Some things should be carefully considered when employers propose severance agreements.

Non-compete agreements for current employees

Some employers try to have new or prospective employees enter non-competition agreements before hiring. However, they may also have existing employees enter a non-compete clause in new employment contracts. Employers offer these agreements to avoid disputes over employment terms and to protect themselves after a worker leaves or is terminated. Businesses may rely on non-competition clauses to assure that a worker does not disclose confidential information after they leave that employer or use this knowledge while working on their own or for a competitor.