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What counts as quid pro quo sexual harassment?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | sexual harassment |

Employees and Sexual Harassment

Many employees may know what sexual harassment is, but are unaware of what quid pro quo means when used in a legal context. 

In order to be aware of what you should do when confronted with this issue, it is best to learn more about its meaning and consequences. 


The term quid pro quo refers to the exchange of a good for a favor. This situation usually comes from someone in a higher position offering a concrete reward, such as a new position or a raise, to another employee if he or she does what the person wants. 

This exchange is not legal and typically is under the table, meaning without official knowledge from the company. In addition, you may face barriers if you refuse to comply with the sexual harassment. 


In order to prove this in a court of law, there are several facts you must show happened. You must be able to show an employer or potential employer was making sexual advances towards you. In addition, you must prove this action was a barrier to getting a job. Then, you should show how this advance harmed you. It must create a situation where you entered into an agreement due to the conditional favor you would receive. 


Hiring decisions are sometimes hotbeds for this kind of activity. For example, if a decision hinged on you exchanging sexual favors in order to get the job, the company would be liable for sexual harassment. Any money you lost due to a lost opportunity or paychecks that were withheld may be legally repaid in damages.