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What is the CROWN Act?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | workplace discrimination |

Navigating the complexities of workplace etiquette and standards can be challenging, particularly when it comes to personal appearance. A noteworthy change has come to Pennsylvania, offering more freedom and protection for individuals wishing to express their cultural identity through their hairstyles. This change comes from the CROWN Act.

The CROWN Act, short for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair” Act, is a law that prohibits discrimination based on hairstyle and hair texture. With Pennsylvania adopting this measure, employees across the state can now work without fear of discrimination based on their natural hair.

CROWN Act and its impact on employees

Adopting the CROWN Act means that employers in Pennsylvania can no longer use hair texture or style as a factor in decisions about employment. This includes decisions about hiring, promotions or terminations. No longer can an employer tell you that your braids, dreadlocks or afros are unprofessional or do not fit the company’s image. This shift works to create an environment where all employees feel respected and valued for their work, not judged based on their appearance.

Pennsylvania employees have more freedom and safety in expressing their cultural heritage through their hair. This new protection allows individuals to present themselves authentically without fear of repercussions at their jobs. They can focus on their performance and contribution to the company rather than worrying about conforming to outdated and discriminatory appearance standards.

What this means for you

With this protection in place, you can now confidently express yourself through your natural hair at work. This does not mean you will no longer face bias or stereotypes related to your hairstyle, but it does mean you have legal protection if such discrimination impacts your employment.

If you face any form of discrimination based on your hair in the workplace, the CROWN Act provides a channel to address and challenge such biases. You should feel empowered to stand up for your rights and to push for a more accepting and open-minded workplace culture.