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Do you think you were wrongfully terminated?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | employee rights |

Have you recently lost your job with seemingly no explanation? Or maybe you did receive a reason for your termination, but you are now questioning it, especially if you were in recent conflict with your employer.

Knowing the reasons and the signs of wrongful termination can help you determine your next steps.

Common reasons for wrongful termination

Pennsylvania is an “at-will” state, meaning that unless there is an employment contract, the employer can terminate the employee’s job at any time without cause. However, if an employee is fired for illegal reasons, it would be considered “wrongful termination.” Some common examples of wrongful termination include:

  • Discrimination – the termination was based on race, color, nationality, gender, religion, pregnancy or age (over 40).
  • Retaliation – the employee was fired for reporting illegal activity or safety violations, or they were exercising a legal right.
  • Constructive dismissal – An employee feels forced to resign because the employer created a hostile work environment.

To prevent a wrongful termination charge, some employers may engage in “quiet firing,” where they begin to take away some of the employee’s duties. Some signs of quiet firing may include:

  • Being taken off of projects
  • Reduction in responsibilities
  • Being left off of team emails
  • Being singled out for criticism

Eventually, out of frustration or feeling undervalued, the employee resigns, saving the employer from having to fire them.

Everyone has the right to a safe and secure working environment, free from unlawful discrimination or wrongful termination. Therefore, it’s imperative that employees be aware of their rights.

You may have legal options if you believe that your rights have been violated and you were wrongfully terminated. Discuss your situation with someone who will review your case and see if you have grounds for a lawsuit.