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What does employment retaliation look like?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | employee rights, workplace discrimination |

The law has provisions against misconduct stemming from discrimination, such as employment retaliation. This violation happens when you file a complaint and someone intentionally makes employment decisions or actions that adversely impact you.

Employees participating in the complaint process have protection from this type of offense. Reporting and filing violations is a right any employee can exercise if reasonable based on the circumstances. If you make a formal complaint or take legal action because of a violation, you should know what retaliation looks like. Sometimes, it can be extremely subtle, making it challenging to correlate with your complaint.

The following behavior and practices can be a form of retaliation depending on your case details and what happened after filing it:

  • Unreasonable disciplinary actions
  • Unjust performance reviews that do not reflect the actual output
  • Sudden position transfers that might be severely unfavorable to you
  • Baseless rumors in the workplace made to affect you adversely
  • Superiors deliberately making your job harder than it should be

However, your complaint does not necessarily keep you safe from all employment actions. If an employer has a valid reason unrelated to your complaint, their decisions can be lawful.

Receiving protection from employment laws

Aside from employees, job candidates undergoing a company’s hiring process can also receive protection if the employer has discriminatory practices. Other protected activities include opposing harassment, refusing to carry out discriminatory instructions and asking for reasonable accommodations.

If you experience retaliation for exercising your rights, the law is on your side. Still, the details surrounding the violation could significantly impact its validity. If you plan to report these offenses, it is best to prepare adequately and consult an attorney who specializes in employment law.