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Are transgender employees protected from discrimination In Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2023 | workplace discrimination |

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, about three-quarters of transgender individuals say they have experienced discrimination in the workplace.

In Pennsylvania, a significant shift in protecting the rights of transgender employees has recently occurred through the implementation of new regulations. These regulations broaden the scope of protected classes and aim to make transgender discrimination illegal, further reinforcing the state’s commitment to equality in the workplace.

Protection expansion

Gender identity and expression are now protected classes under Pennsylvania law. This provides a legal shield against workplace discrimination for individuals who identify as transgender. It compels employers to not use gender identity or expression when making any employment decisions.

Furthermore, the inclusion of sex assigned at birth in the protected classes represents a pioneering measure in the fight against transgender discrimination. It is a way to make it even more clear that employers owe fairness and dignity to all workers regardless of their sex assigned at birth and how they express that.

Protection scope

These new rules cover all parts of a job, including hiring, promotions and pay standards. Employers have to make sure that everyone feels welcome and that nobody faces unfair treatment because of their gender identity or how they express themselves.

These rules are a big step forward to make sure everyone receives the same treatment at work. Employers need to follow the guidelines very carefully. If they do not, they might face legal issues.

These rules are not only about the law. They also show that people in Pennsylvania are becoming more accepting and friendly to transgender individuals. It means that the state wants transgender workers to feel safe and respected in their jobs, without worrying about discrimination.