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Posts tagged "Employment Contracts For Medical Professionals"

Non-compete agreements and health professionals

Non-compete agreements have become more widely used in health care and other professions. Special attention should apply to the terms of these agreements when negotiating employment contracts for medical professionals.

Anatomy of medical employment contracts

Employment agreements for physicians and other health care professionals usually have common important provisions. Successful negotiation of the major terms of employment contracts for medical professionals may be important to a doctor's financial and professional health.

Escaping an employment contract

Not all employment contracts for medical professionals are ironclad. Healthcare workers may be released from these contracts under certain circumstances. First, employment contracts usually have terms that allow for their termination. These clauses usually allow an employer or employee to end their agreements for cause.

What should be included in medical employment contracts

Applicants for employment at a hospital, health system or medical group should do research before negotiating employment contracts for medical professionals. These agreements should contain basic but important terms.

Common terms overlooked in employment contracts

In 2018, scores of physicians in Pennsylvania, both experienced practitioners and those just leaving residencies, will sign employment contracts with hospitals and other health care facilities. Unfortunately, despite all their years of training and knowledge about the technical aspects of their fields, they may make mistakes when negotiating their contracts that can affect them for years to come.