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Sexual harassment still occurs in the workplace

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Firm News, sexual harassment |

For many Pennsylvania employees, facing sexual harassment at their place of work is a normal occurrence. A complaint filed by Gretchen Carlson against the Fox News CEO brought sexual harassment back into the spotlight. According to the report, the former anchor alleged that the CEO made inappropriate remarks to her. Additionally, she claimed that one of her former co-hosts on Fox & Friends also showed sexist behavior towards her. 21st Century Fox has begun an internal review of the case.

Based on multiple surveys, one in four women experience sexual harassment while in the workplace. Although many victims of sexual harassment often hold high positions or leadership roles, they may not speak up due to fear. Many women fear that they may lose their jobs or that their friends and peers may think differently of them.

If a person feels that they are being sexually harassed in the workplace, there are steps that they should take. First, they should follow their employer’s protocols. If this does not have the desired result, they can get into contact with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for more information about dealing with inappropriate workplace behavior.

When a person has experienced sexual harassment at work, they may find that the quality of their work suffers. If the company fails to address the unwanted sexual behavior, and it has a negative impact on the person’s work performance, then an attorney may be of assistance. A lawyer might be able to help the victim seek compensation for financial losses from termination as a form of retaliation.