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Sexual harassment at Fox News was not reported for years

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Firm News, sexual harassment |

Pennsylvania residents who have watched Fox News over the years were probably unaware of sexual harassment at the channel until very recently. That’s because female employees at Fox who felt that they were being harassed by Roger Ailes, the former CEO, took many years to report the alleged harassment. After several women complained, Ailes resigned from his position at the channel.

People who wonder why his accusers would take so long to come forward have questioned the behavior of the Fox News employees. However, the behavior is not uncommon for people who have been victims of sexual harassment or other abuses of power. It is typical for victims of sexual harassment, domestic assault and rape to be reluctant to accuse their abusers of anything.

Many instances of workplace sexual harassment involve low-level employees who are being harassed by upper management. With this dynamic at play, victims usually believe that the perpetrator holds power over them and will punish them for reporting sexual harassment. They may be scared that they will lose their job if they file a formal complaint against a supervisor. They may also worry that others will not believe their story or support their decision to file a complaint.

There are laws in place that allow a sexual harassment victim to file a complaint without fear of retaliation. People who lose their job because they filed a complaint against a supervisor may pursue monetary compensation for their lost wages. An employment law attorney can assist in initiating the process by filing a formal claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or applicable state agency.