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Movie to implement sexual harassment guidelines

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Firm News, sexual harassment |

Pennsylvania fans of superhero films might be interested to know that the second movie in the “Wonder Woman” series is set to be the first to adhere to new sexual harassment guidelines. The Producers Guild of America released the guidelines on January 19, and they provide a number of recommendations for the treatment of personnel during film and television production. The PGA has more than 8,000 members.

The PGA recommends that film productions offer a range of procedures for reporting sexual harassment, comply with state and federal laws and make in-person sexual harassment training available for all crew and cast members at the beginning of the production. For ongoing productions, the PGA recommends in-person training at the beginning of a new season. The recommendations provide protocols for producers, witnesses and victims to follow when reporting or dealing with claims of sexual harassment.

The PGA guidelines come in the wake of reports of widespread and long-term sexual abuse on the part of Hollywood producers and actors. They were proposed by the Anti-Sexual Harassment Task Force of the PGA and unanimously ratified by the PGA board of directors. It was announced at the PGA Awards on Jan. 20 that “Wonder Woman 2” would be the first film to adopt the new guidelines.

In a case where an individual has been sexually harassed in the workplace, an attorney with experience in employment law may be able to evaluate the facts of the case and provide advice regarding potential avenues of recovery. An attorney might gather evidence in support of the client’s claim or attempt to negotiate a settlement with an employer. Compensation available to a sexual harassment victim could include lost wages and other amounts.