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Sexual harassment and seniority

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | sexual harassment |

Sexual harassment can be a challenging topic for many reasons. First of all, some people are not aware of the many different ways in which unlawful sexual harassment occurs. Moreover, it can be difficult for those who have been subjected to sexual harassment to stand up for their rights for a plethora of reasons. Some victims feel voiceless, and others are unsure about what the potential consequences of speaking out may be. However, retaliation is also against the law and victims should have no fear when it comes to standing up for their rights.

Sexual harassment cases can be especially concerning when someone with seniority is responsible for the unlawful behavior. They may have a lot of power within a company, and others may be afraid of stepping forward and supporting a victim. Moreover, a company may defend someone with seniority even though they have broken the law and violated the rights of a worker. Sadly, workers who are lower on the totem pole may have a harder time defending themselves after being sexually harassed or subjected to any other type of workplace violation.

Sometimes, those who have a lot of power and influence within a company feel invincible or think that they can get away with illegal behavior such as sexual harassment. Our law office believes that this is completely unacceptable and that those who have suffered because of a manager’s wrongdoing (or even their employer) should not be afraid to step forward. There may be a number of reasons why speaking out can be difficult, but victims should never stay silent.