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Keeping employees happy could benefit your business

| Sep 27, 2019 | Small Businesses |

While it’s true that work is not meant to be fun, keeping your employees in good spirits may ultimately be advantageous for you. Not only are you less likely to encounter litigation from a disgruntled employee, you can also prevent other potential workplace problems, too. Encouraging happiness doesn’t have to mean raising wages either.

The perks of happy employees

One of the best things about employees that are satisfied with their job and workplace is that they are more productive. That can have a significant impact on your business, especially for the sales department. A study found that happy salespeople were an impressive 37% more productive. Other employees were 20% more productive on average.

The Harvard Business Review notes that companies who ignore excessive levels of stress pay the price. They point out that most workplace accidents are attributed to stress. Mishaps can cost businesses both time and money, and in more severe cases can lead to workers’ compensation claims. Stress can also lead to medical complications, as well.

Promoting job satisfaction

There are many ways employers can encourage happiness in the workplace, and they don’t have to break the bank. Here are two simple places to start:

  • Make your employees feel valued. You may genuinely appreciate everything your workers do, but how do they know? Making sure to recognize their hard work personally is an excellent way to ensure they hear that. Starting programs that acknowledge individual employees on a weekly or monthly basis is another way to show that management is happy with those working for them.

Encourage employees to get to know each other. Working with people you know and like can go a long way to foster happiness. You can’t force them to like each other, but it’s harder to dislike someone you’ve gotten to know. Organizing lunches or even events outside of work can help build comradery.