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Emotional considerations regarding sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Firm News |

Sexual harassment can be detrimental with regard to one’s career, bringing on financial hardships due to a decision to step down or causing a worker’s job performance to suffer. Many sexual harassment victims stay silent, but some are able to stand up for themselves and file a complaint or even a lawsuit. Either way, sexual harassment can have a major impact on victims from an emotional angle. These emotions can become so debilitating that they lead to early retirement and many other challenges in life, such as losing interest in activities due to depression, high levels of anxiety and feeling angry. 

Sexual harassment victims may be very upset that they were unable to prevent the abuse, and some may even blame themselves for what happened. However, by taking a stand and exploring one’s legal options, a victim may be able to restore some of what they have lost emotionally. It is critical for those who sexually harass others to be held fully accountable for their actions and for all of the suffering that they have caused. Sexual harassment can take on multiple forms and it can be very traumatic for those who have had to endure mistreatment, in some cases scarring victims for the rest of their lives. 

Sadly, many more workers will have to deal with the whirlwind of emotions that often come with being sexually harassed at work. Our law firm firmly believes that those who abuse others in the workplace in any manner should be held answerable for all of the emotional, financial and even physical suffering that their actions cause.