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What is non-physical sexual harassment?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | sexual harassment |

Pennsylvania workers know that they have protections from harassment at the workplace. This includes sexual harassment. But a lot of workers do not know exactly what sexual harassment is. Today we will look at non-physical sexual harassment. It is topic covered less often than physical harassment. 

Non-physical sexual harassment does not involve bodily contact with the victim. In many workplace environments, this is the most common type of sexual harassment. This may be due to the fact that both perpetrator and victim do not know that it is still illegal. 

Common examples of non-physical sexual harassment revolve around threats or coercion. People attempt to get the victim to perform sexual acts under threat. They may try to bargain for sexual favors using things like bonuses or promotions as bait. Other forms of harassment can involve lewd comments about a worker. Sexual rumors are also harassment, whether believed or not. 

People also do not know that sexist comments are a form of sexual harassment. This can include any comment demeaning or degrading another employee for their sex. “Jokes” demeaning someone for their gender are a good example. It creates a hostile workplace environment. This leads to employees feeling uncomfortable or threatened. As an employee, you can report any behavior that falls under this category. 

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