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NFL team finds itself in a sexual harassment scandal

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Harassment |

In the 1960s and 1970s, protections against sexual harassment were virtually nonexistent. In time, legislation addressed civil remedies for sexual harassment. However, the presence of laws and rules does not eliminate instances from sexual harassment from occurring in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. One case surrounding claims of sexual harassment with the Washington NFL franchise reveals that hostile work environments continue to persist.

The problems are not new developments with this team as sexual harassment claims against the team’s staff date back many years. Employees named several staffers associated with the football team as perpetrators of the harassment. Only one employee has come forward publicly while 14 others remain anonymous. According to the allegations, the sexual harassment involves many inappropriate actions that are persistent and, seemingly, overlooked by management.

While there are laws designed to protect employees from sexual harassment, toxic culture at a company could develop regardless. Reports that sexual harassment occurred for 12 years or more indicate a possible reluctance to take action against the harassment. Some victims likely felt that their careers would be in jeopardy for going public and so delayed in filing a claim.

Anyone who suffers from sexual harassment may explore legal remedies at a company first. Filing a civil suit remains an option. If the employer does not correct a toxic culture, then the liabilities might compound.

Victims of workplace harassment may discuss their legal strategy with an attorney. The attorney might sue for lost wages, wrongful termination and, possibly, therapy bills in the aftermath of the incidents.

An out-of-court settlement remains a possible option. Many civil suits end this way. An attorney may work on the clients’ behalf to procure the fairest settlement available.