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Google and workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | workplace discrimination |

Pennsylvania is among the states that have modified their laws against workplace discrimination. However, workplace discrimination is still prevalent in many organizations despite stringent measures enhanced to curb it. In one prominent example, the tech giant Google faces claims of workplace discrimination against senior executives.

Cases involving Google

In 2019, more than 20,000 employees of the tech giant planned a walkout from its offices. This is after claims that the firm had paid executives more than $100 million were made public. These senior executives were reportedly paid despite facing sexual assault accusations. Today, many employees say they fear reporting workplace discrimination cases since the company may retaliate. According to the employees, instead of the firm confronting these issues, executives conceal them. Former employees who reported workplace harassment cases say they were either demoted or designated to work on other projects.

How it’s happening at Google

According to reports, only a few of the reported cases have been addressed. Employees claim that 28 claims placed with the human resource department have been faced with retaliation. Most of these cases involve sexual harassment and workplace discrimination.

A document shared by one employee shows a similar pattern in handling these cases. After concerns were raised by the employees, they would later face punishment. Moreover, the HR investigations would take longer while the accusers were forced to work with their harassers. Some employees who faced retaliation were forced to deal with mental illnesses.

Containing damage

Google claims that it has a transparent process of dealing with workplace harassment. After the walkout, the firm has tried improving its harassment response. Google has hired an Investigations Care Team to help employees while making harassment claims. Some employees say that although the firm has faced pressure from the public to address these controversies, it’s yet to.

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