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What is the proposed bill on a noncompete ban?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Noncompete agreements protect employers. They prevent you from working for or doing business with a competitor. The idea is to protect company secrets and prevent people from infiltrating an organization to learn things to help another company.

However, non-compete agreements are not without their issues. Many people feel they are not fair and put employees at a disadvantage. According to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, a current proposal seeks to change the future of non-compete agreements.

Ban of the agreement

The bill is to ban noncompete agreements, but only in health care practitioner employment. The new law would not impact other fields.

The details

The proposal seeks to prevent employers from blocking health care workers from working in the field. Through the use of non-compete agreements, employers often try to limit workers by location, making it hard for them to seek employment. The belief is such limitations not only make it hard for a worker to find a job but also harm patients because it reduces capable workers in the field in specific areas.

The bill would allow these workers to let patients know when they are leaving a facility. They will be able to tell patients where they will now work and give them the chance to follow them to the new facility.

The new law would not prevent the protection of information and trade secrets as those would still be something an employer could require employees to not disclose or share.

Noncompete agreements in this particular field have begun to impact patient care, which is unfair to everyone. By allowing workers to share information, it gives patients more of a choice in healthcare and lets them continue with the practitioners they want.