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What is non-physical sexual harassment?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | sexual harassment |

Workers in modern workplaces experience more freedoms and rights than many other employees that came before them. But that does not mean workplaces do not have room for improvement.

In fact, some of the old issues that plagued workplaces of the past continue to persist to this day. This unfortunately includes sexual harassment.

Coercion, threats and rumors

OSHA takes a look at non-physical forms of sexual harassment. This includes any form of sexual harassment that does not actually involve assault or physical contact. Perhaps surprisingly to some, most forms of sexual harassment at work involve non-physical threats, coercion or more.

Speaking of, threats and coercion make up a big chunk of this type of harassment. This can include an employer threatening to fire someone if they do not perform sexual acts, or offering a raise or bonus in exchange for sexual favors. This counts as harassment even if no physical touch ever happens.

Malicious rumors or conversations regarding someone’s sex or gender also fall under non-physical sexual harassment. This includes derogatory remarks about a person’s gender relating to their ability to accomplish their job, or to their status or worth as a person. It also includes remarks about a person’s sex life or sexuality.

Indecent exposure via the internet

Indecent exposure also falls under this definition. This can include texting or emailing someone with lewd pictures. It also includes a person exposing himself or herself on camera, either in a group setting or in private one-on-one settings.

Workers who suffer through this form of harassment can and should take action to gain compensation for the struggles they faced.