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Trends shaping wrongful termination law

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2024 | employee rights |

In recent years, the way we think about wrongful termination law has changed significantly. These shifts are redefining how employers and employees navigate termination disputes, especially in regard to expanded protections and stricter regulations. Both employers and employees should understand these trends for better working relations and more equitable workplaces.

New laws

New laws at both state and federal levels are affecting wrongful termination. For example, in Pennsylvania, recent changes to state anti-discrimination laws expanded protection based on definitions of sex, race and religious creed.

Changing views on old laws

Courts are looking at old laws in new ways. Recently, there has been a focus on constructive discharge. This happens when an employee quits because of unbearable working conditions created by the employer. Courts are now more likely to hold employers responsible for creating hostile environments that push employees to resign. Pennsylvania’s laws have also been in the national spotlight for failing to protect whistleblowers working at federal contractors, leaving these employees vulnerable to retaliation. This has led to attention from the office of the inspector general and watchdog groups both in the state and around the country.

Key court decisions

Important court decisions are shaping wrongful termination law. In one recent EEOC lawsuit, an employee was fired after asking for reasonable accommodations for a disability. The court ruled in favor of the employee. The ruling stated that employers must work with employees to accommodate disabilities. This decision strengthens the rights of disabled workers and influences future cases.

Keeping up with changes

Both employers and employees need to stay updated on these trends to handle wrongful termination claims. By staying aware of changes to these laws, employees can understand their rights and employers can follow the law. Staying informed ensures fair treatment and compliance with current legal standards.