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Red flags to watch for in your employment agreement

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2024 | employment contracts |

Reading an employment agreement before signing is crucial. In Pennsylvania, understanding potential red flags as well as employment laws can help protect your rights and ensure fair terms. You may want to consider some key red flags to watch for.

Unclear job description

An employment agreement should clearly outline your job duties and responsibilities. If the job description is vague or overly broad, it can lead to misunderstandings about your role. Ensure that your duties are clearly defined to avoid future conflicts and ensure compliance with employment laws.

Non-compete clauses

Non-compete clauses can restrict your ability to work in your field after leaving the job. Review these clauses carefully to ensure they are reasonable in scope and duration. Unreasonable non-compete agreements can limit your future job opportunities and could potentially be uncompliant with Pennsylvania laws.

Inflexible termination clauses

Termination clauses should include fair terms for ending the employment relationship. Watch for clauses that allow the employer to terminate you without notice or for vague reasons. Ensure the agreement provides reasonable notice periods and clear grounds for termination.

Mandatory arbitration clauses

Mandatory arbitration clauses require you to settle disputes through arbitration instead of going to court. While arbitration can be faster, it might limit your ability to fully pursue legal action. Consider whether arbitration is in your best interest before agreeing to these terms.

Confidentiality agreements

Confidentiality agreements protect company information, but they should not be overly restrictive. Ensure that these clauses do not prevent you from using your skills and knowledge in future employment. Reasonable confidentiality agreements should protect both parties’ interests.

Reviewing your employment agreement

Reviewing an employment agreement thoroughly helps you identify potential red flags. Stay informed and protect your rights before signing any agreement.